TBCT Introduction


Burn Fee (TBCT B2B – Buy to Burn)

Burn Fee: 3.00% (Non-$TBCT pools)
All earn/claim events allocate a portion of these profits for the purpose of buying back TBCT tokens which in turn are burned, hence TBCT B2B (Buy to Burn), thus reducing the max total supply of $TBCT indefinitely.
We feel that this burn facilitation will be an enhancement for TBCT holders & LP's for both the present and future of the TBCT ecosystem.

Deposit Fee

Less than 0.10% on the initial staked amount as a one-time fee
The deposit fee is used as a means to deter front-running tendencies while allowing for liquidity pools to remain sustainable and accumulated LP rewards auto-compounded for the benefit of all LP holders in each respective pool.

Withdrawal Fee

There are no (0.00%) withdrawal fees on the TBCT community platform

Total Fees: 1.5% - 3% on profits + <0.10% on initial capital

NOTE: TBCT Native pools only have the 0.1% Deposit Fee and no other fees on profits etc.