TBCT Introduction
TBCT VIP Participant
Get TBCT Community VIP Benefit when you get qualified.
Pool participants are TBCT's core users, making them a critical part of the community from Day 1. They often hold TBCT tokens, but regardless they have an important voice in the community that is expressed through both their capital allocations and their participation in community conversations.
List of the TBCT community qualifiers that is eligible to trade TBCT on Pancakeswap and they will also learn how to earn BNB from TBCT by TBCT Daily Hodl.


Kimyu - 0x0bb15e44480e9f4cbc503feaab370b17da425f5d
Ellie .H - 0xFD277C4be3bEE8B1a3E54a36AbB5DF2c746fA434
Stanley - 0x7E999Cb2484260B29BCE00BF230ED9fB84a47165
Pu Den - 0x890dc4146f0c5665f599ba1108078821500b0473
Galassini - 0xB50003716A83FA5202007F24AB70d94713cF3679
Contact the TBCT Admin for the proceedure at [email protected] on how to start your Liquidity Mining on Pancakeswap and also know how many TBCT you will provide for the profitable event.
Before you can exchange TBCT to another cryptocurrency on Pancakeswap please understand the following rules:
1 - You must activate your TBCT community Vip Status.
2 - You must know how to interact with your Trustwallet and Metamask.
3 - You must Hold he following TBCT in your Wallet
+- 1st Minimum Holder -> 150,000 TBCT
+- 2nd Minimum Holder -> 300,000 TBCT
+- 3rd Minimum Holder -> 600,000 TBCT
Thus: Only TBCT VIP Members are qualified to exchange TBCT to any cryptocurrency peer they want.
Get started with TBCT Community VIP on https://tbctrustedcoin.com/VIP​
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