TBCT VIP Participant

Get TBCT Community VIP Benefit when you get qualified.
TBCT coin is a cryptocurrency that is built on Binance Smart Chain. It provides access to VIP giveaways, NFTs, festivals, exclusive merchandise, and other entertainment, media, and hospitality benefits.
VIP participants are TBCT's core users, making them a critical part of the community from Day 1. They often hold TBCT tokens, but regardless they have an important voice in the community that is expressed through both their capital allocations and their participation in community conversations.


Kimyu - 0x0b
Ellie .H - 0xFD
Stanley - 0x7E9
Pu Den - 0x897
Galassini - 0xB5


Helen - 0x0
Ghaz - 0xF
Mohd - 0x7
Before you can exchange TBCT to another cryptocurrency on Pancakeswap please understand the following rules:
1 - You must activate your TBCT community Vip Status.
2 - You must know how to interact with your Trustwallet and Metamask.
3 - You must hold the following TBCT in your Wallet
- 1st Minimum Holder -> 150,000 TBCT
- 2nd Minimum Holder -> 300,000 TBCT
- 3rd Minimum Holder -> 600,000 TBCT
Thus: Only TBCT VIP Members are qualified to exchange TBCT to any cryptocurrency peer they want.
Get started with TBCT Community VIP on our website https://tbctrustedcoin.com