🎯TBCT Participants

The following terms outline the participants in the TBCT ecosystem and the roles that they play.


The team that originally created the TBCT platform. They are compensated with a portion of the originally minted TBCT tokens.


Developers are TBCT community members who contribute strategies to the TBCT platform. They are compensated with a percentage of the fees generated within the strategies they author.

TBCT Holders

Members of the Utopia community that hold TBCT tokens will be able to cast votes on proposals and receive a share of TBCT revenue by holding and staking TBCT tokens.

Pool Participants OR VIP

Pool participants are TBCT's core users, making them a critical part of the community from Day 1. They often hold TBCT tokens, but regardless they have an important voice in the community that is expressed through both their capital allocations and their participation in community conversations.

‌Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers assist the TBCT community by providing two-sided liquidity to a TBCT pair on the Pancakeswap platform.

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